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The Thursday Think Tank is an exclusive mastermind group of elite offline marketers. We get together on a weekly basis on live calls to discuss: marketing strategies, new business models, & just about everything marketing related. In addition, we have expert marketing professionals on occasion for our weekly calls. We also build the most cutting edge software and resources that is available to our elite mastermind group.


Do you desire to increase your business? Do you value networking with like-minded people? If so, then we've created just the place. We have created an elite mastermind of solid marketers that discuss marketing. We brainstorm on business models, cover strategies that gurus typically charge top dollar for, and we provide an atmosphere that fosters your business growth!

What Will You Gain From Our Mastermind:

No B.S, straight forward content that is hype free. We understand local marketing is red hot! We also understand this industry moves fast, and it's easy to get caught up in the 'next best thing'. We mastermind on real marketing. We are a transparent group that doesn't just talk on our successes, but failures as well. You will gain an insight second to none that highlights real marketing in the best light.

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Our mastermind is a perpetual Think Tank. We brainstorm on new business models, refining of business models, and we perform solid trainings on subject matter that will propel you to the next levels in your business. We pride ourselves in a 'pitch free' environment. You are guaranteed to receive solid content and value at all times!

What Think Tank Members are saying

I have been involved in several "mastermind" groups during my Internet marketing career and the TTYL is by far the best one I have been apart of. (The only one now...) There is so much value being in this group. Dave and Jason provide great content and top notch.

Lesley Howe

The Thursday Think Tank has been one of the ONLY Mastermind-Communities that I have enjoyed & learned from so much as well as stayed active in for a few years now. I've been involved in Internet Marketing for over 15 years and having the resources. support and relations you will find with Dave.

Jerold Johnson, MobileVIPConsulting.com

The Dedication these guys give to this group each week is bar none heads and tails above the other groups i have been involded in.its a fun and real group who want to see everyone to succeed. i believe i am on my 3rd year of Dedicated Thursday Night Calls. So Glad to be a part and to have stumbled into it!!!! Thanks Dave and Jason.

Brab Hines Peterson

Being able to communicate and elaborate weekly with marketing and technology expers from around the world is priceless. Having Proven marketing strategies alog with proprietary software gives me the confidence to talk with business owners. All backed up by a tech support team that is seconed to None.

Albert Zoll

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